All My Children Final Curtain Call

Yesterday on The View, Kim Delaney alluded to it as being "the end of an era" and I agree. Soap Operas were the bomb. Cotton candy on a rainy day (Nikki Giovanni) and slap your mama back in the days of soap opera heaven! I grew up watching most all of the old time favorites: All My Children. Guiding Light (my most fav) As The World Turns... The Edge of Night, Search For Tomorrow and Days Of Our Lives didn't gel with me, but I'm sure a lot of households will miss the ending of soaps.

It was an emotional salute on The View as the show helped to honor, celebrate and bid a fond farewell to the show's creator, producers and cast members. I was a bit emotional at the thought of this iconic show going the way that many have already gone. Susan Lucci could barely contain her tears as she sat with the women to help introduce fellow cast members in their final curtain call- last show aired on Friday.

It was thrilling to see many of the old cast making an apppearance; Ryan. Kendle. Jack. Greenlee. Angie. Jessie. Greg and Jenny to name a few. Laurence Lau (Greg) still sported a boyish charm. A mature and sexy Jessie (Darnell  Williams) seated alongside their true loves; Romeo and Juliet storyines were co-horts, Angie (dimpled Debbi Morgan) and Jenny (also dimpled Kim Delaney) hadn't noticed that both actresses were dimpled...

Kelli Rippa and Mark Consuelos, who met and married while dating on the show did not make an appearance. The View  took viewers back down Soap Opera memory lane and it was truly a good ride...

I'd really like to know how other people feel about the demise of the Daytime Soaps? I mean from shows seen in black and white to living color. Forty-two years! If it's any consolation a picture of the entire cast that gathered on The View set can be obtained by going to their website. 


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