All Natural Stove Top Popped Pop Corn

All Natural Popped Popcorn on the Stove Top

Talk about going back to basics! When I read the ingredients on the microwave popcorn I have been feeding my daughter, I decided we would not be purchasing it anymore. She and my husband love popcorn, so I knew we had to keep it in the house. We talked about getting an air-popper, and although that is an option, I don't want another appliance taking up counter space.

I have never popped popcorn before. Shameful, I know. My parents used to buy the ready pop (Jiffy pop, I think) before microwaves were invented, and that was fantastic when I was a kid. My husband said he grew up on stove top popcorn, and he would show me how to do it. 

We bought a popcorn kit from Sur-La-Table which included all natural popcorn, and 6 all natural gluten free seasonings; dill pickle, sea salt & vinegar, buttery carmel, pepper asiago, white cheddar, and kettle corn. (You dont need a kit, but I wanted to make it a special treat for Amelia)...just regular, whole kernal popping corn will do, but look for natural, no added anything, and organic!

What to do:

Place 1 tblspn. safflower oil in regular saucepan, enough to coat bottom of pan, . Place in 3-4 kernels (as test kernels) and cover with lid. When the test kernels pop, the oil is hot enough to add 1/4 c. kernels. Shake pan to keep kernels from burning, and listen for popping to slow. When popping reduces to 2-3 pops every couple seconds, it's done! Season with your favorite spice and enjoy!

Natural popped popcorn
Look how white!!
All natural seasonings...I must say, "Dill Pickle" is fantastic!!!

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