Is That All There Is?

My husband has been working extremely long hours lately.  Working in a high pressure job has it's advantages and disadvantages.  

One of the advantages,  is his job provides me with the opportunity to stay home and be there for our kids,  without the added pressure of both parents having to work full time.

It also affords me the luxury of allow me  to indulge my new passion blogging.

I know a lot of working families where both parents hold down full time jobs and the balance between home and work life seems to work out

With my husband working on average 60-70 hours per week at the moment,  I know that if I was also working,  the family would just go to pot!!

So how do you find that all desirable balance in your life?


My Dad went to work, did his job for 8 hours and then came home again, at the same time every day! As I sit here writing this my dear Hubby is still at work at 8.30pm, after I dropped him at the railway station at 6am this morning and there is no sign of him arriving home anytime soon.

 My parents retired about 5 years before my Dad passed away.  Neither of them expected him to be gone so soon, they were looking forward to many more "Grey Nomad" trips and adventures and enjoying a quieter pace of life leading into their twilight years. 

 So is the effort of working ourselves into the ground to provide for a long retirement a feasible prospect or will we have the benefit of only 5 years or so to enjoy it? ..... The truth is no one really knows how long we have, so we need to make the most of it.

My Hubby earlier in the year bought himself a fantastic new motorbike.  This isn't to be used as an everyday mode of transport for him but as an outlet from the everyday stresses of his life.  It is something he had wanted to do for a long time. 

If there is anything that losing my Dad has taught me is that life never works out the way we expect or plan and you have to make the most of each day.  

I encourage everyone who is struggling with the battle of the modern every day family, to try make the time to have those special family outings, sit together and discuss the events of the day, instead of allowing each day to drift aimlessly into the next.

 Sometimes it is all too easy just to fall into the routine of day to day living and just accept the fact that yes, that's all there is!! But it is up to us to dig ourselves out of that all too familiar rut and make sure our lives feel more complete and balanced.

 And that is my new goal for our family, to find the meaning of life, well ours anyway, because I'm sure there is more to life than just working ourselves into the ground!

 How do you find the right home life and work balance?

Mandy, Barbie Bieber and Beyond