All Is Vanity. Nothing's Fair: "Mirror Mirror"

If you’ve visited my site, you may already know how much I love and admire Walt Disney’s 1937 classic film, Snow White. It’s one of our most popular posts to boot. So—a new Snow White story? I’m there. In fact, Mirror Mirror directed by Tarsem Singh starring Julia Roberts as the wicked queen is just one of two major motion pictures on the subject. Charlize Theron will take her bite of the apple this June in Snow White and the Huntsman. I totally get it. Who wouldn’t want a chance to play Snow White’s wicked queen, this vain and murderous villainess for the ages? My take on Julia Roberts’ performance as the wicked queen is also my review of the film: good but not great.

It makes sense that director Tarsem Singh made his name directing music videos. Music videos pace themselves. You cut your film to the song. Motion pictures need the fine hand of a talented director who understands the brutal nature of PACING, how it can hold or lose an audience. And this film, simply put, drags much more than it should. Better, snappier editing may have made this film a classic for the ages. It’ll have to settle for darn good, surrounding a few excellent sequences with sublime individual moments. 

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