All White Outfits and Fancy Blazer

And its not even my birthday! yet (c) Rihanna
 First I want everyone to know how absolutely OBSESSED with these pictures I am. There is NOTHING like seeing yourself look positively beautiful and knowing that you had nada to do with it. I'm blessed for Sig. I really think he captures me like no other has and that is why I think I look beautiful. Its like he sees the essence that is me and makes it come through the image. I am probably going so "hippy new age" with it but it is truly how I feel when I see these photographs. Before hiring FlashBangPhotography, my pictures were so "typical". I looked so serious and was really trying to be a "blogger" because I wanted some recognition by brands. I did the oh so awkward looking poses. Bought the 50mm lens. Rarely smiled. Touched my hair, ALOT. Looked behind me at my heels. Crossed my legs (oh ok, I still do that but its my comfy pose). Looked out into oblivion and tried to appear deep in thought. Tried to sound uber cool when writing my posts (even though I am a goofball and suck at writing) and THEN, after some convos, I realized that I don't fit the "typical" demographic of a fashion blogger and that is what is pretty damn awesome about Jen of Comme Coco! I am happy with that because with me you get a real human being who just enjoys fashion, dressing up and talking incessantly about nothing at all. (like this post) In a way I am a "girl's best friend" because I believe and always try my best to support, encourage and congratulate everyone else on their achievements. I sincerely get so excited when I see a fellow blogger "make it" or get a super awesome opportunity. I can say though, there are some that I do NOT get excited for because they don't deserve it because of their wanna be "I'm a celeb" attitude that is NEVER EVER necessary. I do not care how "known" you are or how much press you get, always STAY HUMBLE because we are all one paycheck/ pageview/bad post away from fading into obscurity in the internet world.
 I recently partnered with Style House PR to showcase some amazing new pieces by UK brand Warehouse. You may remember when I used to do the Swoon of the Week posts and my first ever was this leopard dress that I just had to have (but never got). Well lo and behold it was a Warehouse dress!!!! I know the common misconception is that bloggers just review or wear anything that they are sent because of the money but that is not always the case. I refuse to ever post or wear anything that I do not love and/or believe in. My integrity is EVERYTHING to me and I will never compromise it for anything in this world. I owe you all brutal honesty and promise to always deliver that. After wearing this jacket for the shoot and then to the 
Macy's + CapFABB event (fun video of the event to come), 
I am certain that I will be purchasing it very, very soon!
oh by the way... tomorrow is my 25+6 birthday and I am very excited. Special post will be up tomorrow in celebration of the very most important day on the calendar!!!! LOL!

adore this jean cut from Sears. The Classic Skinny and the Curvy Skinny fit me the best!

check out Flash Bang Photography for how to Light Paint!
wrote this myself, in a pitch dark room, slow shutter speed, NO editing and Sig took the picture!
Jacket: Warehouse
some other faves from the site: Option 1/ Option 2/ Option 3/ Option 4
Tank: H&M
Pants: Canyon River Blues >from Sears (under 20 dollars and fit curvy figures so well)
Shoes: Michael Kors
Lipstick: Radiant Cosmetic
{behind the scenes fun fact: I showed up with tangled, curly hair and forgot a comb or brush and 
literally ripped hair apart to flat iron it straight}


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