An All-Year Appetizer

If I say cauliflower, what comes to mind? 

I suppose the answer varies depending on your age.  If you are a child, quite possibly you are thinking, "Yuck!"  As an adult, you might think, "Mmmm! Delicious with a cheese sauce," or "How do I disguise this so I can serve it to my kids?"

However, did anybody think of serving it as an appetizer?  I would have to guess that it would be a limited number of people that did. I have enjoyed cauliflower for quite some time but only served it as a side dish, either steamed and plain or with the aforementioned cheese sauce.

Recently, I decided to try preparing cauliflower as an appetizer.  Using only a few seasonings and a simple cooking method, I produced a tasty little snack.  While it may not be a disguised version of cauliflower, I think the flavors of the seasonings are so well done that many a finicky eater would give this snack a try.

To learn how to make cauliflower into a yummy (and easy to make) appetizer, visit Tasty Thoughts.

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