Allison Quets and Her Battle For Her Children

Allison Quets is someone who has always played by the rules. A good student in high school, she managed to squeeze four years into three and graduate a year early. She went on to college, obtaining her bachelor’s degree at Stony Brook College and graduating with highest honors. She then completed a Master’s degree in Social Work. Allison worked as an academic advisor at Farmingdale State College, and it was there that she met and married K. Russell Kennedy. She then received her most recent degree, a Master’s in computer science. Allison’s career was on track and by all outward appearances she had it all, yet she still dreamed of having a family. Allison’s husband did not share that desire and the two parted ways. It was an amicable divorce that was handled without the involvement of attorneys.

Allison threw herself into work, rising to the level of Principal Engineer, an advanced position at Lockheed Martin. She worked for the same company for over twenty years, owned her own home and enjoyed financial security. She kept busy with friends and activities but she realized that what she wanted most of all was children.

Allison so desperately wanted to be a mom that she went through expensive and painful fertility treatments. She finally became pregnant after in-vitro fertilization. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Allison about her ongoing custody ordeal.
She remembers first getting the news that she was pregnant.

“I was so excited. I can remember the exact moment the cell phone rang and it was the fertility doctor. He suspected twins because the hormone level was so high but I did not know for sure until the first ultrasound. I was teaching a class in a conference room in New Jersey. I took his call and immediately called my sister and a good friend from work. I was sure it was twins. On one hand I believed it and was floating on air, on the other hand it was so amazingly incredible that it was hard to believe. Sometimes when goals are so difficult to obtain, it is hard to grasp that you have made it, that you found your dream.”

So full of joy to finally be on her way to motherhood, Allison had no idea that her dream was about to enter into nightmare territory.

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