Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself… (I <3 Men in D.C.)

I have been gone too long, for that I will apologize. But, a lot has happened. So, allow me to reintroduced my self


I don’t know what is going on with me. I find myself drifting off during the day.  The only thing on my mind… BOYS! Correction= MEN.  The only goal I’m chasing right now is securing myself a date.  Yes, I said it.  I want a date.  I want a date so bad I’d probably date a stranger.  Yes, I know I taking back the things I said in some of my past posts.  I don’t need to know the guy before hand i just need to get to know him on the date.  I’m a blasphemer of my own religion!

I don’t know what prompted this awakening, but I’m probably not going to change my mind anytime soon. I think this has all been brought on by the fact that I am in D.C. (my hometown) for the summer.  Men in D.C. are amazing.  In D.C. you can actually find men who have been to college.  I’m not talking about technical college, I’m talking about REAL COLLEGE.  These men have gone to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in America! Men in D.C. are well dressed.  They know when it is time to put on a suit and when is time to get fresh for the club.  Men in D.C. know how to dress to impress.  Men in D.C are employed (for the most part). They could work on capitol hill, a nonprofit, a law firm, or they are a medical fellow; either way these guys have something other than you to occupy their time. 

DISCLAIMER: This same list unfortunately does not apply for every man in D.C. or men from D.C.

I can’t imagine spending an entire summer here without experiencing a date with one of these eligible bachelors.  I’m not asking for a relationship.  I’m asking for a date.  If a relationship comes, Great! If a relationship doesn’t then that is fine too… All I want is some good conversation at one of my city’s best restaurants. The man doesn’t even need to foot the bill.  I can pay for myself. 

Jokes aside, I think is would be a true shame to not have one descent date this summer.  There are a lot of places in the US with a lack of quality gentlemen, D.C. is not. So, I must meet one of these guys.

So, if you know anyone… : )

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