Allowances and Chores?

Our son, Charlie, is 5 years old. He is beginning to realize that things he wants (mainly toys) cost money. And that Mommy & Daddy say "no" quite a bit when it comes to buying toys. The current toy Charlie wants is a boxed set of Disney Cars from the movie Cars. It costs $9.99 which Charlie says is 99 dollars. Too cute! He has been asking how he can get the 99 dollars to buy the toys before someone else does.


My husband & I have been talking about the possiblity of an allowance for Charlie for a few months now. I have mixed feelings about it. I didn't get an allowance while growing up for chores. There were certain things expected from me & my sister that were just part of being a family & living. We were paid for extra work; things like pulling weeds in the flowerbeds, cleaning out the garage, polishing silver, etc. We were not paid for mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, putting up laundry, taking out the trash, etc. In high school, my sister & I were given a set amount for the month for lunch/spending money. It was our choice on how to spend it. We could save the money by taking our lunch or buy lunch; our choice.


Charlie already has chores he is expected to help with around the house. He puts up the silveware, puts up his laundry,  helps empty the trash, and picks up his toys. He also wipes his bathroom countertop & the outside of the toilet with a vinegar solution. Charlie helps with putting the clothes in the washer, moving them to the dryer, & taking them out of the dryer too.


So my questions are - What chores should a 5 year be paid for, if any? Should an allowance be tied to chores? How much is appropriate for a 5 year old to earn? Do we make him set aside some for savings to get the saving habit started early? Help! I'm open to any and all ideas or suggestions.






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