Allow Trayvon To Rest in Peace!

He was a child! He could have been my child or even yours. That is if you look like me!  He was murdered in cold blood by George Zimmerman. He is dead! Yet, a police officer who swore to protect you, me and him chose to use him as a target and shoot him dead continuously.

Officer Ron King of Brevard County, Florida; a county not so very far from where this murder took place over a year ago felt it necessary, amusing or victorious to keep shooting a dead child. But his punishment was swift and sweet for his egregious act. He was fired ! No longer Officer King, I wonder how a bargaining union will justify his stupidity on America's 21st century murdered child who died simply because of a stereotype.

I am reminded of the parrallels of Trayvon and the story of Emmitt Till. These two children, young black boys were away from their homes, visiting family members when they were killed for being at  the wrong place.

Former Officer Ron King is using social media to not only apologize but to justify the need to utilize the target of a child. I viewed the U-tube video and his apology is unacceptable.  Really? It should never be considered  by any governing body. The issues of Officer King...ooops Mr. King's former employer are irrelevant to his actions.

The mere fact that King took the time to purchase targets from the internet stoops so...low low low...that I hope no other police force in America employs him.

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