"Allure Magazine's Joan Kron-Setting An Example at 86" by Tracey Jackson


by Tracey Jackson

Earlier in the year when I was speaking at the Literacy Partners, Joni Evans the editor and head of Wowowow asked me why I felt so many people were afraid of aging, and why many women had a hard time moving forward and accepting their age. One of the main reasons is we have so few examples of positive lives after a certain point. They are out there, but we don’t advertise them or publicize them or put exemplary older people in the forefront as something to aspire to We need to be made more aware of the people whom after a certain age are still working, learning, doing, growing and thriving. As I was saying this I looked out into the audience and blessedly for me there sat two examples, Liz Smith and Joan Kron, both in their 80’s, both look good, great for their ages, they work, they get around, they travel, write, and are doing that thing we all need to do to stay vital they are constantly trying new things, learning and sharing and WORKING! I made them both stand up, I said this is what we need to shoot for and we need to raise the public’s consciousness that these types of women exist and thrive and don’t make aging so scary.

I am lucky to call Joan Kron a friend. I have often referred to her in this blog as Mamaface as she is the high priestess of plastic surgery, she knows more about it than probably most anyone in this country. At the age of 83 she is still on staff at Allure as a beauty editor, I think a record. She co-wrote the book High Tech and doing so took a seldom used design term and turned it into part of the language. She has written a book on plastic surgery, LIFT which is still considered a go to book for women considering going under the knife. In my book I use Joan as one of the three examples of women I hold up as models of aging. I sat down with her recently and we talked about life after 80 and how she keeps it going on , going forward and real.

Today 50@50 is pleased to present Joan Kron-click here to watch the video!





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