Allyson Kapin

Founder of WomenWhoTech and RadCampaign

Defying the stereotype that the tech world belongs to pocket-protector toting guys hooked on sci-fi and video games, Allyson Kapin founded Women Who Tech to champion talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change. She is a vocal advocate on the importance of diversifying the tech sector and lobbying the conference circuit to have more gender balanced panels that represent diverse perspectives.

Kapin is also the Founding Partner of the award-winning web agency Rad Campaign, which provides web development and online strategy to nonprofit organizations and political campaigns. In 2010 Fast Company named her one of the “Most Influential Women in Technology.” The Washingtonian named one of the "Top Tech Titans” for her leadership roles in Washington’s tech world and Forbes named her as one of the top entrepreneurial women to follow on Twitter.

Outside of running Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign, Kapin writes a blog column for Fast Company and serves as Blogger-In-Chief for Frogloop, the leading nonprofit communications focusing on technology, advocacy, and social media. She also blogs at Huffington Post covering women in technology and social media.

Kapin sits on the Advisory Boards for the Anita Borg Institute, Green IT Consortium and the New Organizing Institute. She is on the Planning Committee for the O’Reilly’s Gov 2.0 Expo as well as NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference.