Almond Poppy Seed Bread with Lemon Curd Filling

I am excited for this post because it is the Recipe Swap through Christianna's Burwell General Store Blog again with all the lovely food bloggers around the country!  Last month was so much fun seeing how everyone altered the Potato Donut recipe.  So this month we were given a Jelly Cake recipe that we had to alter in some way to make our own.  This is what the original recipe was:
I pondered for weeks on how to put a spin on jelly cake.  So the other day I opened my cabinet full of goodies from PFI and saw the bag of poppy seeds.  Yes.  This was a promising start.  I originally thought of lemon poppy seed.  But I had two reservations with this.  1) What sort of filling could I put in it that would freeze well?  You see, I am multi-tasking here and making this for M's baby shower taking place in a few weeks.  So I want it to be freeze-able.  2) I wanted to take it a step further than traditional lemon poppy seed.


So I consulted with my mom the other morning.  She is the creative baker in the family and always has good ideas.  Lemon curd, she suggested.  Yes.  The next step was completed.  So why not just use a poppy seed bread base and lemon as the filling.  I just needed one more flavor in the bread.  Berry?  No.  May make the bread a weird color.  Just poppy seed?  No.  Too boring.  Almond?  Yes!  Subtle. Simple. A nice perfume for the poppy seeds.


So I opted for making one pan's worth of bread and very carefully sliced it in half after refrigerating over night.  And to my pleasant surprise, when I cut it open, there were little holes that the lemon curd nicely filled in.  But you can also bake the batter in two pans and then just sandwich them together.  Either way will work.  Also feel free to use any type of filling.  Raspberry jam would be colorful and tart.  Whatever you choose, slather on a healthy's worth it. 




 I am just one of many many other recipe swappers.  So go to Christianna's Blog and check out the jelly cake project!


Go to for the Almond Poppy Seed recipe!


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