Almost weekly date

Almost every week my boyfriend, Aaron and I like to go to IKEA for the free breakfast. Our IKEA in West Chester, OH offers it Monday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 11 am. But I've noticed a lot of the other IKEA's offer it on Mondays only. (but I would call and check) It is something we both look forward to every time we go. 

The picture below is what we get for free. It's called the small breakfast, you get potato cubes, scrambled eggs, and a couple pieces of bacon. It's normally $0.99 but hey we will take free for breakfast, especially when you can get 2 for just you. (they have to go boxes, so you can take one home ) We also take advantage of the free coffee that they offer as well. Let me tell you IKEA's coffee is super strong, but it is so good.. And since Aaron loves strong coffee we usually hang out long enough for both of us to enjoy a couple mugs full. 

I am not telling you it's healthy for you, since it is calculated at 306 calories per plate. But, when you would like to take your kids somewhere and not pay an arm and a leg for breakfast then this is the place you might want to head. I know it isn't the healthiest, but it is something with food form for me to eat before I workout or go to work.. 

After we enjoy our coffee and our breakfast we usually walk down to the as is section.. Looking at items along the way then realizing we really don't need them. We both really do enjoy the as is section, because we have found several boards that we have used for projects in there and only paid $5.00 for them.. 

So if you are ever looking for a place to go for breakfast for cheap, then head to IKEA and make a date out of it.

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