The Alpha-Female–More Than A Woman

Unlike the Alpha-Male who has extensive studies on his conduct and behavior, the research on this peculiar type of woman is still limited. I know it well, because I wear it well. Always tried to subdue it, but I’ve surrended. So, I made a list. An AF is a quintessential woman. She’s me. All of the major female characters in my novels are an embodiment of the AF. There is none like her, just like her counterpart the Alpha Male. Though they are many Alpha males and men who want to be like him, there are few genuine AFs. Not too many women want to be like her, because they want to be liked by other women. AFs are way beyond that. She doesn’t get her identity from other women, but one she alone defines. Both Alphas can be found in nature among the animal kind. Check out the wolves. Study wolf-pack behavior. The AF is unique in that she’s not a bitch, she’s not a saint, she just wins.

An Alpha-Female (AF) is:

1. A woman unafraid to use, and sometimes, exploit her femininity to get her way with men or seal a business deal

2. A woman who is completely in control of her destiny

3. Usually a loner, has a “clique” or a pack when ready, but AFs are cave dwellers and truly blossom when with their complementary half, an Alpha Male. She is dominant over all men and women, except her Alpha male (AFs eat Beta men for breakfast, by the way)

4. Ruthless, more so than a man, because you never see it coming, she’ll smile, then cut ‘ya

5. A woman who cannot be categorized, and will always rise above the stereotype of being “female” or rise above a group; in fact she doesn’t even think she is a “woman” for she is embarrassed to the level many have succumbed to by their emotional recklessness; Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “Don’t ask me about being a woman” and she had no female members in her cabinet

6. You immediately know when an AF walks in the room; enters at the same status as the leaders in the room, she glides in; close mouthed smile, eyes canvassing everything for the big swoop down

7. She is full of contradictions often keeping her male partner in a suspended state, not sure exactly what to do with her

8. Have a hard time at work because of their innate leadership skills and can
ruffle the wrong feathers; eventually she manages to rise to the top because of her style and intellect

9. She is not a bitch; and abhors the comparison because she revels in using her sweetness to get her way, not evil

10. She crushes her female competition to get the most wanted man in the room, in fact she revels in her power over men, in fact, men love her for it

I say if there are 10 women in the room, only 1 is really an AF. The AF’s route in life is quite different from that of other women. She’s almost always successful on whatever she focuses on though she may not have gotten there as neat and tidy as everyone else. She has come a long way, and often feels misunderstood as cold, a bitch or a whore. Once she can embrace all of herself to accept her AF nature can she shine. Just don’t cross her ;) For one of my strongest AF characters, check out my book, Mrs. Big who scores a major coup and changes her lifestyle on a dime.

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