Alternative holiday dinners to try this New Year's: Fondue night

Though I love a good turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes medley as much as the next gal, enjoying the exact same meal every year for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Easter can get redundant.

I’ve put together four alternative holiday dinners to the traditional turkey meal for you to consider this New Year’s, or the next holiday occasion you host.

Eric and I (okay, just me) had a fondue set on our Christmas list for months, and thankfully, Santa provided. My intense craving for chickeny-brothy goodness is no doubt the inspiration for this alternative holiday dinner suggestion.


Fondue Night Dinner Menu

Broth fondue

The main entree fondue is to be broth-based. I would use chicken broth, but beef and vegetable are also great choices. Check out this website for tips on preparing broth fondue.


  • Pizza fondue
    Pizza sauce as fondue with pizza-themed dippers, such as chunks of pepperoni, mozzarella cubes, bread sticks, or olives.
  • Cheese fondue
    Though not my cup of tea, cheese fondue is a crowd pleaser. A variety of different cheeses can be used for fondue, but try a combination for a truly tasty treat. Suggested dippers include crusty bread, brussel sprouts, baby potatoes, pastrami, and apple and pear slices.


  • Garlic lemon
    This recipe is creamy, but I would probably swap the mayo for a couple splashes of olive oil. Either would be delicious, depending on the taste of your guests (you could always serve both!).
  • Curry
    I’m of the mind that you can never go wrong with curry, and fondue is no exception.
  • Tomato ginger
    A very savory dip that will complement most dippers and tastes. This is one I will make for sure when we bust out the new fondue set.


  • Lightly steamed broccoli and asparagus
    If you oversteam, they will fall apart in the fondue pot so it is best to leave them a bit crunchy.
  • Chicken
  • Cremini mushrooms
  • Many more
    Broth fondue is very versatile and suits a plethora of dippers and dips. Experiment, and let me know of any hits you discover!


  • Chocolate fondue
    Of course chocolate fondue has to make an appearance at fondue night. The dippers for this one are easy, as most kinds of fruit will work. Some favorites are strawberries, banana, pears, and pineapple. I haven’t tried it myself but sponge cake or cookies could also be an unexpected addition.
  • Caramel fondue
    The dessert fondue road less traveled. Dippers I’d use are marshmallows, dark chocolate pieces, apple slices, and sugar donuts.

If our two little brat cats, Leonard and Luna, weren’t such a hazard around fondue sets, I’d host a fondue party in a minute. Admittedly, this is a more high maintenance party to host due to the set-up and ingredient preparation, as well as ensuring safe use during dining.

If you have a partner, or pal(s), who’s willing to help you with host(ess) duties, a successful, and fun, fondue night is more than possible.

What is the best tip you have for hosting a successful dinner party?

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