Alternative holiday dinners to try this New Year's: Fried chicken feast

Saved the best one for last! Though there are countless alternatives to the traditional turkey dinner, a fried chicken feast is one I would die for. It’s no secret that I’m a slave to fried chicken, so why shouldn’t I celebrate the holidays with a little greasy goodness?

Fried Chicken Feast Dinner Menu


  • Dinner rolls and butter
  • Deviled eggs
    Not that this is going to make deviled eggs more appetizing to you, but I once ate so many that I threw up all over the living room. This shows they’re so good I was willing to make that sacrifice.
  • Olives
    I just loved olives, especially green olives stuffed with pimento. Them and pickles are an easy party appetizer.


  • Corn
  • Green beans
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy
    Mashed potatoes will bring a hint of tradition. I prefer beef gravy, so I’d just buy a packet from the grocery store.


  • Fried chicken
    The piece de resistance. This recipe calls for marinating the chicken for 2-24 hours. You can also try this spicy version to turn up the heat on your dinner.


  • Lemon meringue pie
    So, this is pretty much my dream holiday dinner. Lemon meringue pie is my favorite holiday dessert, and will suit the warm, cozy feeling of the rest of the meal.
  • Strawberry cake

Let me know if you use any of my menu ideas for your New Year’s, or any other cool ones!

Happy New Year’s!

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