Alternative Letter To Santa

We decided to do something a little different this year.

Between Bubba not really liking a ton of toys at once, and the tight budget we’ve got going at the moment (trying to make sure the move to Alaska will be as smooth as possible), I thought it might be easier to change our Santa routine around a little bit.  Normally, kids will write a long wish list to send in the mail and wait for the abundance of gifts that lie in wait under the lit tree on Christmas morning.  Honestly, we can’t do that this year, and have had to get creative.  I learned how to make my first afghan and he will be getting that and an Optimus Prime transformer (we actually gave it to Hubby last year, but he kept it in the box and we are going to tell him Hubby’s is in storage to keep safe and we saw how much he liked it, so here is one for him to play with).  I know, but it will work for us this year.  We also are going to change what Santa does.  That is where the letter comes in.

I decided that a lot of times Christmas ends up being a commercialized spend fest for one day, and the toys can end up being underappreciated, due to sheer quantity.  Our tight budget helped me decide to refocus on time spent with family and the spirit of Christmas, not just material things.  I wanted to stress the importance that gifts should be second to the love and memories created by spending time with each other.  Basically, they should be an added bonus.  Not saying he isn’t going to get anything, but I think that it might be even more special to wake up and have one present, specially hand-picked by Santa, just for him.  That way he doesn’t get overwhelmed, we stay within budget, and he values it that much more.  Hubby and I talked and we are actually going to keep doing this with the future Pioneer Children as well.

Rather than write a long wish list, I told Bubba that it might be nice to write Santa a sort of pen pal letter.  Tell him all about the past year, what he enjoyed, what he didn’t, pretty much just write.  Not only does this enforce that Santa isn’t just a gift giving machine, it also helps him with his handwriting, sentence structure, and grammar (always good to throw some learning in).  Bubba has been making a ton of cards lately, and wanted to make one for his letter.  He decorated the front with a Christmas tree and left a space inside for his writing.

Alternative Letter to Santa -

“To Santa, Merry Christmas”

On the inside, he wrote some pretty good stuff!  Notice where he asks for Mrs. Claus’s hot chocolate recipe…

Alternative Letter to Santa -

“Dear Santa, I was good this year. I was helping my Mom this morning. I am doing better with my coping skills. I am getting good grades in school. And haven’t hit anyone. Next year I want to work on not whining. Oh and say hi to Comet for me. How do you make your hot chocolate? Does Mrs. Claus make you hot chocolate? May have her recipe? PS. It was nice seeing you at the craft fair!”

The other page is where he put a joke he made up during our trip to the movies yesterday.

Alternative Letter to Santa -

“Joke–> Q: Why did the bird go in the dollar store? A: Because he thought it was a Dollar Tree!” (He had me write this one and just told me what to put down)

We are going to set out the card with the cookies and 25 Days of Good Deeds Jar on Christmas Eve.  I think he did a great job, and he is already excited that Santa is going to teach him the secret hot chocolate recipe from the North Pole. (Any suggestions???)  He wasn’t upset at all with the change, and said he feels like he is writing to a friend.  Mission accomplished :-)

But seriously….I need some fancy hot chocolate ideas!