The 5 Worst Types of Bridezillas

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According to, the average American wedding costs approximately $28,427 – and that’s not even counting the honeymoon! No wonder brides are so stressed. But, that’s no excuse. Being a Bridezilla can cost relationships, time, and dignity.

Here Comes the Bridezilla

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The indigenous wedding creature known as the Bridezilla lives on a steady diet of wedding cake samples and catering food. She’s aggressive in her natural habitat and known to charge at anyone who changes her plans. The Bridezilla has a nasty bite; her words are full of venom. She is a monogamous mammal, yet she’s just one stress-martini away from being single.

In spite of her name, the Bridezilla is not a monster – although, she is likely to kill her mate before she marries him. Her carnal desire to host the perfect wedding has only driven her mad with desire. Her mother and maid of honor are especially susceptible to her vicious behavior.

Her strength, beauty, and mystique are paralleled only by her uncontrollable temper. Furthermore, there are several subspecies of the native Bridezillas, each one more brutal than the other.


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