Always Broke On Halloween


What are the odds that I'm always broke around Halloween? Seriously, I'm always broke before Halloween, and with giant bags of candy running about 10 bucks a pack, I hope the trick or treaters don't mind the I.O.U's I'm going to be stuffing in their bags...(or little baggies of the left-over chuck roast I made last night)...Seriously, I make great crockpot chuck roast!!! At least their mom's would have something to eat while the little demons make their rounds.

When my girlfriend came by with her kid and told me the neighborhood she hit up last night gave out jello shots to the parents...I seriously considered putting down my candy and visiting this neighborhood...and then I gave her a little baggie with chuck roast in it..."It's leaking," she complained..."Oh good,"  I told her, you got the bag with gravy, congrats!  Have fun and let me know if anyone here in this neighborhood has booze..."


This is an actual tree in our neighborhood, pretty cool, hey? Obviously, I took this picture a couple of Halloween's ago when it was mild during October...

But a scary tree photo is a cool picture in my book (and blog!).  And the tree is still there, except with no leaves...nope, all the leaves were blown into my front yard where I'm going to have to rake them, sometime this next weekend...unless I luck out, and they blow into my neighbor's yard. If that happens, I'm going to rush out and buy a Powerball ticket--because that will be my lucky day! (Right up there with seeing Bigfoot, and losing 10 pounds...ain't gonna happen but it would be great if it did!)

But on the "plus" side, (I'm a plus side--get it? least you're beginning to see why stand up comedy didn't work for me)...However, at least a couple of my grandkids still trick or treat and Halloween is soooo close I can almost taste the trick or treat candy...that I intend to steal from my kids bags when they're not looking!

(PS...My Crockpot Chuck...The chuck roast can come from anywhere although I buy mine from the HyVee in Iowa when I'm there visiting my mom...but I use Rupena's seasoning, which is from an old meat market in West Allis, Wisconsin, AWESOME steak seasoning...OR...simply, salt, pepper, and Mrs. Grass soup seasoning...Mrs. Grass rocks and you can find her anywhere except Aldi's...I use ORGANIC carrots or I refuse to use carrots...WHY you ask? Long story, how long to you have? I'll shorten it to say I started using organic carrots after my dad's second cancer, and I found out that carrots are used to grab the impurities from the soul and blah, blah, blah...if you want the longer version give me a call...otherwise, the potatoes, they can come from anywhere...throw in half a cup of water, set it on low around 7:30a, dinner at 4:30p--I didn't say I had the greatest chuck roast recipe in the world, I just said I HAVE a chuck roast recipe...)


Cindy Huber


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