Young Girls.

Remeber when we were little girls we use to play with baby doll, thinking when wee grow up we will find our prince charming, get marry, and live happily ever after just like those disney priness's? We live in generation now that teen girls and early 20's are getting pregnant. I dont understand why are girls getting pregnant this days. Having kis change's your life. I know friends that have a kid or two and I wonder what are they going to do with their life or their future. Also know friends that even got pregnant on purpose just to try to get their "boyfriend" when they just dont care and are not responsiable. Then girls will be talking bad about their baby daddy how they just dont care when we all have a choice to prevent pregnancy. Some girls just pretented to have the perfect boyfriend when is all a lie. I know friends that do that. Men these days dont want to have kids, they want to have fun because we are young. I know their SOME men out there that are responsiable but I think that is only 10% and 90% of men dont care. So girls out there just stop and think about your life first. Of course is okay to have boyfriend but first think about yourself. Think about school and what you want to success. A men or a baby wont get you somewhere. I know girls that have a baby and have a career but it will slow you own a lot. You know we are young we have our whole life ahead of us. Why worry having kids now. First success and be indenpented.  Leave a comment what you think. No rude comment this is what I think. Thanks.

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