Alyssa's Antiques and My Crazy Visit

So, today was one of those days that when the kids were finally in bed, Mike and I just looked at each other and laughed. I don't know how else to describe our children's antics today. It all started with Adler looking at Sawyer this morning, and saying loudly, "What the HELL are you doing?" Mike and I looked at each other with much dismay and were in shock that he said that. Neither one of us talks like that nor will you ever hear us use any type of profanity, so when he said that we freaked out. Anyone that knows us can probably imagine our reaction. We asked him where he heard that phrase, and he said very plainly, "Zookeeper." So, we proceeded to delete Zookeeper off of our DVR and had to explain to him we do not use that type of language…

After the slip with his language we proceeded to get the kids ready and were off to visit Alyssa's Antique Depot in Pace, Florida. Usually, we can go to antique shops with the boys and they act decent. Not great, but as good as can be expected when you have two boys ages 5 and 2. We can't expect them to be perfect considering they are extremely high energy, and free spirits at heart. All that being said- today was one for the record books. One that we just felt the need to hang our heads in shame, even after it was all said and done, I am still shaking my head in disbelief.

As we pulled up to Alyssa's we noticed the very full parking lot. This store has a very large lot, and it was full and they had only been open one hour when we arrived. Usually, places like this are not packed unless there is some type of special event, and today was just a standard Saturday. The 20,000 sf store has every wall and inch of floor space used perfectly to display its large variety of vendor merchandise. We did not have the privilege of meeting Alyssa but she had an amazing business model and really set up her store to keep you wanting to come back. The other genius thing that they offer is a post office that is located inside the store as well. So, in addition to the antique patron traffic, they also get post office traffic as well.

All that being said, our kids were mad-men in there today. They were on the cusp of needing a nap, and put us as the target of lots of disapproving stares. Why do our kids feel the need to go crazy when we are checking out a new possible venue, I will never know. Let's just say they tried to rearrange every booth in there, and at one point, I am pretty sure I flashed a few innocent bystanders as I was trying to wrestle Sawyer into my arms. No spankings or time outs were fixing this crazy behavior. We just had to bow our heads, pay for our stuff and run in hopes of salvaging some form of pride.

To top it off, on our way to lunch Adler said that wonderful statement to Sawyer again… We went to lunch to feed our rowdy brood and, of course, some of the shoppers at Alyssa's were having lunch at the Red Barn BBQ in Milton, Florida. We got lots of the stares again, and I could hear them all talking about misbehaving children and what they used to do when their kids misbehaved.  It is funny how everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your kids, but I am pretty sure everyone has gone through the crazy antics we just did today with their kids as some point or another. One of my favorite mommy bloggers, Mommy Shorts, always blogs about her crazy daughter, well, I have to say we truly feel her pain times two!

Adler went to bed this evening without his doggy and blanky, which are essentials for him, didn't get to ride his bike, and was grounded from the ipad.

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