Alzheimer Clinical Trial a Success!

A few days ago, on June 6, 2012, a Swedish Professor, Bengt Winbald at Karolinska Institute, at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre announced that a study that lasted three years was a success.


The trial conducted a study on the success of an Alzheimer’s vaccine.  The new treatment triggers the body’s defense against harmful beta-amyloid.  Eighty percent of the participants developed within their own body, an immunity against beta-amyloid.


Because this trial was only three years, trials that last longer, and have a larger number of participants will need to be done.  The target patients are those with mild to moderate Alzheimer Disease.


To learn more about this, go to Karolinska Institute. (you can choose on the site to view in English) Where you can even find contact information.


On a personal note, this is not the usual type of post I make as Globe Trottin Granny.  This is not about pleasant travel or cultural differences.  But it is something that is a global issue. I have had several relatives, and parents of friends who have been affected by this terrible disease.  It not only affects the patient, but can emotionally and financially devastate family members.  Join with me in prayer that people will be able to seek protection from the disease in the not too distant future.


Globe Trottin Granny


Globe Trottin Granny

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