Alzheimer's In Passing

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Alzheimer's in Passing
Alzheimer's in Passing


I guess my dream and my daughter's pregnancy has been on my mind alot yesterday and today.  Sorry for the melancholy posts but sometimes it's not enough to just Appreciate the good, you have to fight for it too!

Much has been said lately about Alzheimer's being hereditary and about new tests possible to see if you will get Alzheimer's in the future.

Is this the legacy that I will pass on to my daughter like a well worn photo album or and old piece of furniture?  Should I include it in my will?  Maybe add a caution "Contents Under Pressure".

How do I prevent that?  That's what I want to know.  How do I keep from being a burden?  How do I keep from possibly passing this horrible disease on to her? This sweet, shy girl (normally until pregnancy hormones took over anyway) with my looks and her daddy's big heart. My baby who will soon give birth to her own 2 babies.  Is this the gift that keeps on giving?

By giving birth, to this daughter that I wanted so bad, have I sentenced her to a life of uncertainty but certainly horrible pain?

Please Lord tell me no.  I find myself looking at her as she is glowing in pregnancy with those 2 precious little babies. The ones that she wished into life and then moved Heaven and Earth to get.  I want to tell her I'm sorry NOW, for the untold pain that I will possibly lay on her shoulders at some point in my life.  That I'm sorry if I am ever to become a burden that she will eventually have to deal with.

Mom 1957
Mom 1957


For you see, I know what this life is and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy let alone my child, the mirror image of myself. This child that I would gladly give my life for.

Would you want to know if you were going to get Alzheimer's in the future?

Remember to Appreciate the good, laugh at the crazy and deal with the rest.  I love you momma!

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