Am I a Disposable Clothing Addict?

I work in the health care industry and I work every Sunday.  I have to be to work by 7am so I get to drive through my quiet city and listen to the radio at 6am.  There is a radio program that I listen to during the drive.  I found the program last Sunday to be quite interesting.  It was all about how the trend in the United States is to buy cheaply made clothes at cheaper prices.  People are not buying well made clothes that will last several years.  This is due to the fastly changing styles and trends in clothing.  People also want to buy cheaper clothing and buy multiple items instead of investing in a few quality clothing items that cost more.  The cheaper clothing does not last very long and people end up throwing it away or donating it fairly quick.  Thus coining the term disposable clothing. 

Much of these cheaper clothes are made in overseas in countries such as China.  Since people want more clothes more often, the factories need to make more and more clothes.  This causes extreme pollution in the air and in the water.  These countries do not have strict regulations on environmental issues. 

One of my favorite stores was mentioned in the program as one of retailers who sell this disposable clothing.  I generally shop at a store we will call for this blog "elderly boat soldiers group" I absolutely love this store and now feel guilty about  purchasing all of my summer clothes there.  I could stop shopping there, but then it would hurt the store and all of the high school and college students who have jobs there for the summer.  So I have decided to keep shopping there because I am helping students earn money for school. (What a bad way to rationalize this problem)


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