Am I limber yet??

About two weeks ago I finally decided to commit to think about committing to practicing yoga at least twice a week.

The thing is...I can barely touch my toes. My quads and hammies are super tight from running and cycling and I don't always stretch properly afterwords. I know...I know...not stretching properly is some kind of ultimate running sin.

For Christmas my sister-in-law (who is amazing at yoga) got me a lovely yoga mat with a very hippy chic carrying bag. Well, it was actually given to me way after christmas, but that's not the point. It's the kind of set up that makes it look like I could actually touch my toes and maybe do a handstand or something. Alas...that is very far from the truth.

After many months of neglecting my new yoga mat, I finally broke it out when I got P90X. Now, this P90X yoga was some kind of yoga I had never seen. Not that I've seen a lot of yoga. The closest I have ever come to yoga is taking a pilates class <em>maybe</em> once a month, my MTV power yoga, and once I tried bikram yoga (is that the one where it gets really hot and you sweat so much it's embarrasing?). Anyhow...I always would dread yoga because as I mentioned I am flexibility impaired. I also don't consider something a workout unless I sweat. That is what I do like about the P90X yoga, it really works up a sweat!

For almost three weeks now, I have taken yoga at my gym on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6am. I think I am actually starting to be able to stand it. That, and I am actually starting to like the <del datetime="2009-10-29T00:36:45+00:00">pain</del> stretch and how loose I feel afterwards.

Today I went to the gym and got in a 30 min run before yoga started. My knee started hurting pretty bad. With all my aches and pains, I think I am actually an 80 year old trapped in a 28 year olds body. I was limping a bit when I got off the "mill" to go de-sweat myself in the bathroom. Yikes! This is when it hit me...I was actually happy to be going to yoga and knew that it would stretch me out and I would feel better afterwards. This was a revelation for me.

I have had to get use to a few things in yoga class; the weird breathing is probably my biggest obstacle. In one of the first classes I took it was hard not to laugh at myself and everyone else in the room because of the breathing noises that were happening.  Very strange indeed, but I decided to give into the process and not judge it. How very earth mother of me! I still am trying not to judge the noises, but...c'mon!

One of the best things about my one class is that the teacher has us think of an intention for the class, like 'happiness' or 'living in the moment'. My mantra has been 'acceptance'. I have been reading that people who practice yoga are actually more in tune with their bodies and therefore eat better. I still don't like looking in the mirror at my reflection in my tank top (it's the body dysmorphia talking), but I'm just trying to accept myself and not judge so much.

I am hoping that one day I can hold my poses for longer and actually really enjoy going to class. Maybe one day I will be like Gumby and impress everyone with my bendy moves or better yet--actually achieve acceptance!!

All together now...Ooooommmmm!


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