Am I a little stuck?

I watched fashion stylist Lloyd Boston on a television show helping a woman update her look after losing 45 pounds. You may not know him but Lloyd Boston is a television host and regular stylist on The Today Show. He recently wrote a book called, “The Style Checklist,” and his fashion sense is on-target.

 I’ve seen makeovers before but this one was different; what intrigued me is what Lloyd said about this woman’s mindset. He said that although she had already lost the weight, her head was still in the past. She didn’t see herself as she looked today. And when asked about the last time she changed her hairstyle her answer was … at twelve. He went on to say that he sees many women getting stuck in the past in some way, and not just with weight loss. Perhaps it is a particularly powerful decade where a woman attained a certain success, or perhaps it is about a look that worked especially well at one time. Whatever the reason, many of us have a difficult time moving forward and modernizing ourselves and I began to wonder …  am I stuck in the past too?

 I certainly hold on to makeup partly because I am more comfortable with what is familiar, but also if I am honest, because I am daunted by the extensive makeup choices. I am more comfortable making fashion decisions but it makes me think that there are many more of us who are discouraged by today’s options. Is it possible that we are all just a little stuck?


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