Am I The New Grinch-Mom?

Tomorrow is the last day of school for The Happy Boy. He is ending Pre-K 4 and they are celebrating with a Promotion Ceremony. As the new school mom I am I asked what were they doing in this ceremony and the teacher's answer was "they are going to walk, just like in a commencement ceremony and they are going to receive a diploma". My first words to his teacher were "but it is only Pre-K 4, it is not like they are graduating from college!". I could not believe how much of a big deal they were making.

Even though I do not agree, I am going to attend. This morning as I was asking my boss permission to work half day tomorrow I told him how stupid I tought this Promotion Ceremony was. I said "just as a friend of mine told me, it is the everyone-is-special generation". He looked at me astonished saying "well, but he is special for you", "of course he is, but this is not how life works" I responded. He closed the argument saying "you are so hard with him, have a good time tomorrow". I drove to pick The Happy Boy from school without putting attention to anything, just thinking if I really was hard. Maybe I was the new grinch-mom?

After a long drive I understood what made me so mad about this ceremony: we are celebrating them because they passed another grade. Why should we celebrate something that is mandatory? It is their responsibility to go to schol! I am not giving The Happy Boy a freaking prize for  attending Pre-K 4, or any other grade. This is the problem with our kids nowadays. This is why a lot of people is mediocre. They think they deserve a party and gifts for the things that are their responsibility and that they are expected to do. On the other side, I totally agree on recognizing those who made an extra effort. You know, the child with the best conduct, the one that read the most books, the one with the best grades. I even think this helps them give 120% in order to receive a medal for their efforts. A medal that represents the hard, extraordinary work done. Not for doing what everyone else is doing and because they are supposed to.
For me as for every mom, my son is special. But he needs to know that he is special to me and not to the world. As harsh as it might sound this is true and we need to raise our children knowing that. We cannot let them grow up in a bubble were everything is perfect and easy and were they think they can get whatever they want by doing almost nothing. In real life we have to work hard to get what we want and no one, other than ourselves (ok, and maybe our mothers) makes a big deal about it. This is not how life works, this is not how anything works.
Maybe I am not a grinch-mom. Maybe I am just realistic.

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