Am I the Only Single Woman Who Doesn't Date?

I'm not trying to be provocative with the title of this post -- I really want to know.  You see, I feel very much alone, and not because I long to find the love of my life.  It's more about feeling alone among other women (even here on BlogHer).  And not so much alone, it's more like I just don't fit in anymore.

Let me try to explain...

When I was married with children, I was among many other women married with children.  When I was divorced, I was among many other women who were divorced.  When I was a single mother, I was among many other single mothers.  You see, there was always a "relateable" group of women that I felt I "belonged" to.  Does that make sense?

So, now that my children are grown and out of the house, I'm "just" a single woman.  And I think that's totally okay.  But apparently, single women also belong to another group -- dating women.  Herein lies my problem; I don't want to date.  And this is where I cease to belong, this is where I feel I am totally alone.

I'm not going to tell you (at least in this post) how long it's been since I have dated.  Let's just say, it's been so long that people are "always" shocked when they find out.

Anyway, I have much more to say on the topic of being a single woman and choosing not to date; but it seems pointless to write about something that no one else can relate to (or even cares about).  And that brings me back to my question -- Am I the only single woman who doesn't date?  Is it really that crazy to be single and happy that way?

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