I am a Mommy



Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm a Mommy! Now I have a family of my own. My hubby, Ken, loves cars, dogs, DIY and could  spend a whole day in ACE Hardware if you don't drag him out. My son, Lucas, smiles a lot, gets frustrated easily, sleeps little, eats a lot and I think he will soon charm all the girls in his play school.

Me? I love: coffee, teh tarik, crochet amigurumi, scrapbook, cute Japanese artwork, online shopping, travelling and I'm always thinking of new business ideas but never had the guts to do any! I hate: rude people, hypocrites, people who look down on others, bitter gourd (except the deep fried type!) and yogurt.


Lucas is the main reason I started this blog. Motherhood changed my life totally! Sometimes, I still wake up and can't believe that the adorable baby boy sleeping next to me is my son! This is my space to rant, whine, babble, and write about almost anything that comes across my mind. It's my diary, but you're most welcomed to stop by and read. Leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you.

Just a little bit more about my parenting style: I support breastfeeding and I'm pro attachment parenting. Please do not come to me and tell me that I should not carry my baby too much. I hate it when people do that!