An Amazing AM Attitude

I discovered a new neighborhood Starbucks yesterday and was beyond pleasantly surprised with not only the decor, coffee, and location, but the upbeat attitudes of the Barrista's benind the bar.  There was one girl who especially stood out with multi-faceted talents of both completing her tasks efficiently, and doing so with a smile in her voice.  My fellow customers seemed more mellow than the usual bunch of Starbuck's regulars I have shared space with in the past, maybe this girl was the difference.  She engaged in conversation just enough to make you feel that your bacon/mushroom sandwich was her masterpiece of the day, but not over the line where she'd be asking for your insights into your dwindling stock portfolio.  I was happy to begin my day with a great cup of coffee and a pleasant air of possitivity in a new environment that quickly felt like home.  

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