Amazing Jazz Artist- Kenny Garrett

Kenny Garrett is killin’! Kenny’s live show has begged for a recording
for years. The band seems to always be in flux but whomever is behind
him is always blowing. Pharoah Sanders joins Kenny from this live show recording at the Iridium in Manhattan.

this new live release, "Sketches of MD", in addition to Sanders,
Garrett is joined on stage by Nat Reeves on bass, Benito Gonzalez on
keys and Jamire Williams on drums. GEEZ when I'm listening to the CD -
I'm kickin' myself for not having been there - it must've been even
more amazing LIVE! (But hey, its a great live recording that's pretty
close to actually being there - the quality is I guess I
outta get over it &be happy for the CD release!)

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