Amazing new computer apps for Moms-to-Be

Amazing new computer apps for moms-to-be: track your contractions, find a name for your baby, listen to your baby’s heartbeat and save money on all your baby purchases with online shopping apps such as jollywallet.

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You’re pregnant! Awesome! You’re about to embark on a nine-month adventure, plus a lifetime of parenting. No matter how cool-minded you may be, pregnancy brings lots of questions and anxiety. Being pregnant today is nothing like when your mother was pregnant. Our high-speed world of computer technology has changed the face of birthing, and today you can find a computer app—for your computer or mobile phone—for every aspect of your pregnancy and delivery. There are apps to save you money, such as jollywallet, apps to measure and monitor your contractions, apps that let you listen to your baby’s heartbeat, apps that help you eat right, name your baby, plus many more. With these apps, you can be a full participant in every phase of your pregnancy plus you can share all your good news with your husband, family and friends. Most of these apps are free, including the jollywallet online shopping app. Here are just a few exciting examples of apps that help to bring efficiency, creativity and loads of fun to moms-to-be. 

One of the things your doctor will definitely talk to you about is how important it is to stay healthy and in good physical shape. Firstly, you are eating now for two (at least!), and the growing baby in your womb is going to add weight to your frame, plus also cause a redistribution of how you carry your weight. So, diet and moderate exercise are key elements for an easy pregnancy. Apps such as Pregnancy Guide and Sculpt my Pregnancy will help you meet your personal diet and fitness goals. Pregnancy Guide, which runs on AndroidOS, searches your food choices and lets you know if what you want to eat is safe for your pregnancy. It also helps you to make a healthy food shopping list that you can take to the supermarket. Sculpting Pregnancy, which runs on iOS, helps you design a safe exercise program, according to each month of your pregnancy, with cool videos to give you instruction and incentive.

One of the most exciting moments in pregnancy is when you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Now with “My Baby’s Beat,” an iPhone app, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat all day long, plus make recordings and blast it out to all your family and friends.

You have heard your baby’s heartbeat, seen his or her photo—now you need a name. You can still buy or borrow those baby naming books, but with apps such as Baby Names, that has a database of more than 30,000 names, you can find that perfect name no matter where you are—on the beach, at your favorite restaurant, shopping at the mall, or sipping cappuccino in your bed. This app, which runs on iOS and AndroidOS, provides name origins, what each name means and how popular it is in the world today. You can narrow down your list, and if still undecided, send it out to your family and friends and let them help you.

Probably the most fun part of preparing for your baby is the shopping. There is quite a lot to buy before the baby arrives, and so many great items, brands, styles, colors, etc. to choose from. It is smart to start early and not add this stress to an already busy pregnancy. Buying baby items can be a pricey experience or, with online shopping apps, such as jollywallet, it can be a cost-saving pleasure. Shopping online is a great 

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advantage over going to the physical store. There is already so much to do, plus limited energy. Online shopping means that you can shop according to your schedule and from the comfort of your own home. With an online shopping app, such as jollywallet, moms-to-be can save money on the necessary items, such as cribs, strollers, car seats, clothing and baby accessories. All you have to do is go to the jollywallet website, enter the search word “baby” and you will immediately have an extensive list of all the coupon and cash-back savings available at online merchants. jollywallet works with all the major browsers and is easy to download and install.

Delivery time—contractions! As any mom knows, this phase of the pregnancy can be stressful. But apps like The Baby Time-Pregnancy Contraction Timer, and Full-Term Labor Contraction Timer bring some much needed comfort to this intense period of your pregnancy. Baby Time-Pregnancy Contraction, which works with iPhone and iPad, tracks the intensity, duration and intervals of the mom’s contractions, helping her to know approximately where she is in the labor process. With each contraction, you start the built-in timer in the app, at the end you stop the timer, and then after a series of ten contractions, you download all the data, click the “analyze” button, and it will tell you what phase of labor you are currently experiencing. Full-Term Labor Contraction Timer, which also works on Android, is similar, letting you monitor the intensity, frequency and duration of your contractions so you know when go to the hospital to arrive on time.

With all these fun and creative computer apps, moms-to-be can be completely ready for the arriving baby, free of stress, filled with information and with savings in the bank.


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