Looking for New Places to Have Sex? Try These 7 Kinky Spots

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Most people are used to having sexual intercourse in the bedroom (and on the same bed). There are many exciting places where couples can share intimacy and give pleasure to each other. Most people fantasize about sex in weird and unusual places, but they do not act on the fantasies out of the fear of being caught by other people or having sand in the pants, depending on the environment.  Couples should feel encouraged to try new places every now and then., which helps to keep the relationship healthy and increase the intimacy


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On the Washer

The washing machine produces a lot of vibration than all the other appliances that are in the home. When the butt is placed on the lid, the motion that is produced is transmitted through the pelvis. This turns the member into a vibrator and this increases the pleasure. This will increase her sex drive and she will ask for more. It is advisable to avoid seating on the dryer and instead seat on the washer. This provides a good place for pleasure when the spin starts to cycle.

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In the Vault

When one wants to increase the spice in their sex life, the vault can serve as the place to be. The room that is used for safe deposit is usually quiet. The room has no camera and the door is usually locked. This is a good place that can be used for withdrawing and depositing. There is always fear of being caught by the bank manager, and this makes it even more adventurous for the couple.

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At Victoria's Secret

This is one of the best dressing rooms that can be used to give pleasure to your partner. Some of them have love seats that are usually placed at the back. The man can ask to be allowed in to see how their girlfriend looks like while trying the clothes. This is one of the riskiest places and it provides a sense of satisfaction for those who want to be adventurous. The dressing rooms are usually left unattended and there is very little traffic. When you are shopping, it is good to be observant on the stores that have private rooms for dressing. This will serve as a good place to have hotter sex with your partner while accompanying to the shopping.

Victoria's Secret
Image: Antonio Rubio via Flickr


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In a Beanbag Chair

The bean bag chair is a good place to please your partner because the chair can be contoured into any shape and it is able to provide support in many ways. This will ensure that both partners are able to achieve maximum pleasure. It also gives the couple an opportunity to have sexual activity in different positions and therefore have more exploration.

beanbag chair
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A National Park

This is one of the places that bring a lot of pleasure because of the environment. The tent can be pitched in the park and there is no danger of waking up the neighbors. There is intense pleasure and both partners are allowed to gasp when there is increased delight. It is advisable to use simple sex positions because the walls of the tent may be flimsy and the tent is screened. The biggest dangers are poison ivy and bugs. It is advisable to use insect repellant cream before hand to keep off bugs. This should not be applied on the breasts, neck or anywhere else that the partner may lick or kiss.

amusement park
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The Elevator

A freight elevator is one of the best places to increase the intimacy. This will not alarm others and one is able to stop it between different floors to allow privacy. Elevator sex can be tried when moving to a new apartment, as an example. The sides and the front part of the elevator can be packed with boxes and the middle part is left clear.

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The Garage

Garage sex can be done when having a good time at a party. One can offer to get more drinks and then slip out of the garage door. The guests will not notice when one disappears away for approximately twenty minutes. When one hears another person approaching, they can always hide behind the vehicles. The fact that someone can appear anytime makes it more adventurous and exciting.

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One does not have to endanger everything in order to spice up their relationship. There are many places that a couple can have exciting and new ways of sexual activity. It is advisable for a couple to sit down and come up with a list of new places that they can try out. The couple can challenge themselves on trying out the whole list. This will help them to be adventurous and can have passionate sex of a lifetime.

There are many unusual and weird places that a couple can have intimacy and sexual activity. Many people fantasize on these places but very few have the courage to try out these places. This is because of fear of being caught and other fears that are related to those places. It is advisable to try out new places after discussing with your partner to increase intimacy and romance in those places. The new and exciting places that a couple can have intimacy include the vault, elevator, Victoria secret, washer, garage and the national park.


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