The Amazing Spider-Man 2

So I will admit it, I have always loved DC and Marvel comics. It started out as the cartoons when I was a kid, but as I got older I started watching the movies and the obsession has not stopped. Opening day is usually when I like to see the newest movies. The latest Spider-man was no exception. 

When I see movie trailers I try not to form a pre conceived notion of what the movie will be like. The best way for me to enjoy a movie is to go in having an open mind. This leaves me not being disappointed as often as others who like to form opinions of what they are going to see. Despite being a fan and having an open mind, the latest version of Spider-Man was not what I have grown accustomed to spending money on for entertainment. Don't get me wrong, as expected, the special effects needed for our webbed friend to fly fluidly through the air were superb.

I think most of us have grown accustomed to the relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. The love affair between the two has always been apart of the Spider-Man world.  Not to give the finale of the movie away, but I was taken back by the way the writers slid the tragedy into the plot. This was not the only issue I had with the movie.  Although the A-list actors did an exceptional job; their talent was wasted on the plot. It felt more like a 30 minute drama that had a checklist for beginning, love issues, tragedy, and ending. 

Stan Lee, please tell me you edited some writers out of the next payroll rotation.


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