An Amazing Story of Courage, Hope & Faith

I normally write and share my own words, but this story touched me so...I just wanted to share.

A Georgia college graduate student who lost one limb and will probably lose  others to flesh-eating bacteria is mouthing words to her family and showing a  "fighting spirit," her father said Friday.
Aimee Copeland is fighting for her life at an Augusta hospital after her left  leg and part of her abdomen were removed last week. She contracted the infection  after injuring her calf in a zip line accident 10 days ago.
"I would say that she has more commands than questions right now," Andy  Copeland told "CNN Newsroom," saying his daughter's breathing tube was  repositioned so her parents could read her lips. " 'I can't talk,' was what she  said. And we said, 'We know honey, you've got a tube down your throat.'
"She said, 'Then take it out.' So her fighting spirit is obviously shining  through right now."
Aimee, 24, contracted the bacteria -- Aeromonas hydrophila -- during an  outing with friends near the Little Tallapoosa River, about 50 miles west of  Atlanta, on May 1, her family has said. She fell when a homemade zip line she  was using snapped, and she gashed her left calf.
The family has said she sought medical treatment for the wound and received  22 staples to close it, according to CNN affiliate WSB. But on May 4, after she  complained of pain for days, a friend took her to an emergency room, and she was  diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis and flown to Augusta for surgery. She went  into cardiac arrest after being removed from the operating table, but was  resuscitated, CNN affiliate WGCL reported.

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 Follow the story....Believe in HOPE! Understand what it means to have Faith! 
                                                             HOW INSPIRING!
(from a Mom and Dad's prayers, a Sister's support, and the courage & strength of Ms. Aimee)
What began as a beautiful time in nature with friends turned tragic when Aimee encountered an equipment malfunction while playing on a homemade zip line.  Her fall set the stage for the development of necrotizing fasciitis which led to amputations and the failure of her five major organs.
Aimee’s timeline, in brief:
5/1/12 Tuesday: Zip line accident
Tuesday- Thursday: multiple visits to hospital and doctors
5/4/12 Friday: necrotizing fasciitis takes over leg, leg is amputated, goes into arrest, transferred hospitals
Since Friday: on life support
Earlier this week slowly regains consciousness. In and out.
Blood vessels in hands and remaining foot die. More amputations are necessary. Hopefully the palms of her hands will survive.
5/11/12 Friday: Regains enough conscious to mouth the question “where am I?”
5/17/12 Thursday: Amputation of remaining foot and most of both hands.
5/20/12 Sunday: Aimee breathes on her own.

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