Amazon Fire TV: Farewell Cable Bill, Hello Great Viewing

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For years, I've obediently paid my cable TV bill. And then moved, paid for a new installation, and paid some more. And paid as the bill went up. And then moved, paid for a new installation and... well, you get the picture.  Of course, my cable frequently went down due to what the computerized robot that always answered the phone at the cable company called "an unavoidable widespread outage."

So when I read about options that would allow me to say farewell to my cable bill and hello to expanded show coverage as well as movies, I was intrigued. I only have basic cable, which means I get five channels and pay a ridiculous $35 a month for that privilege.  I decided to try Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon Fire TV

Image: John Biehler via Flickr

And I have to say it: This TV gadget is on fire! It's so simple to set up that I kept thinking, "Is this all that there is to it?" Yup, that's it. You just attach it to your HDTV and voila: Amazon Fire TV starts working its magic.

The small box gives you everything from Instant Video via Prime to Hulu Plus to YouTube to Netflix. There's HBO, more than 200,000 TV episodes, and more games than Suri Cruise has received in her lifetime.

From voice search to Dolby Digital Plus, the fast streaming makes it ideal for anyone and everyone who has ever suffered in silence as their cable TV froze or failed, or as their bill skyrocketed up.



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