Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - Best Gift for Everyone on Your List

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Give the gift of adventure, of passion, of mystery, of science, of endless possibilities. Books are the best gifts for eveyone on your list, and with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, you can give the best reading experience, too!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite combines sleek style with the latest technology to help you and your family read faster, smarter, and lighter. Carry over 1,000 books in your bag, manage your kids' reading progress, and find millions of new stories under $10.

We asked bloggers to share their favorite features and books for the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Find out what they're reading, and enter to win $100.

The Kindle Paperwhite – Perfect for Moms and Kids

Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift for kids because of FreeTime - which lets you give your kids access to only titles that you want to. Kids are then rewarded with achievement badges when they reach their reading goals....more

The Kindle for your Kids: a Librarian and Tutor Rolled Into One

Although Country Living has its many perks, it also offers some slight inconveniences as well… it’s a day trip to the closet library or bookstore. The Amazon Kindle was by far the best option that would provide my children flexibility and freedom with reading....more

20 Best Books for Mom

If you have a reader on your list, look no further. I've compiled a list of the 20 best books for your mom, sister, or best friend, and you just might need a few of them for yourself!...more

Great Gift Idea for Every Reader in the Family

I honestly can't imagine taking a vacation (or any other sort of activity) without a book being involved. Kindle Paperwhite just makes it that much easier to keep a "good read" on hand whenever the urge hits....more

Books Make Great Gifts

The Kindle Paperwhite is truly a gift for the entire family. It’s designed specifically for reading, without the distractions of reading on your computer or other device, so I can easily relax with a book rather than feeling like I should switch over to check emails or work....more

The Perfect Gift for Mom

Whenever I'm struggling with what to get someone, I think about what I may like to receive. I came up with a little list of the books I think everyone should read, that could be perfect for mom....more

Books Make Great Gifts: Kindle Paperwhite Review and Giveaway

Electronics to me are the perfect holiday present. When I ride the Metro, I’m always jealous of my fellow travelers with their Kindles in one hand, easily flipping the virtual page with their thumb while sipping a coffee....more

Kindle Paperwhite Review, Giveaway & Yummy Mummy Book Guide

After having so many friends rave about their Kindles, I finally bought the most basic version and LOVED IT! Here are some of my favorite features of the brand new Kindle eInk, and my Yummy Mummy Book Guide!...more

Holiday Gift Idea – Books Make Great Gifts & GIVEAWAY

I had so much fun putting together a list of my favorite favorite Kindle Paperwhite books for Creative Moms. You might just want to put a few of them on your Holiday Wish List!...more