Amazon River Dolphin



Amazon River Dolphin

I'm really not a pink person but when I thought about doing the Amazon River Dolphin I had to have some pink in there since the dolphin is kind of pink in the first place.  I was happy about the Dolphins in Blue being such a popular painting in my shop, I think that is the best out of the three I have done now.  But now that I have three paintings of dolphins I am going to make a blank greeting card set using these three dolphin pictures.  

I have a new idea for a watercolor.  Today my daughter went to a Chinese Calligraphy class at our library, and I was thinking about the Chinese Zodiac symbols,  I was born in the year of the DRAGON which I think is way cool (too bad there isn't a year of the dolphin) 

I want to find a template to use to draw out a Chinese Dragon and do three different color backgrounds like in my watercolor dolphins, only I will be drawing the Chinese Dragon.  Oh I could make up my own dragon, that isn't that hard to do but requires more thought than doing dolphins, but as I have said before I love Dragons and fantasy works.  I want to use a template for this just because it would be easier, Chinese Dragons are very detailed and I have not drawn many of them.  Besides, the way I draw my own dragons they may not be as reconizable as the ones you see in resturants all over the place.  In doing a template a few times I get a better idea of what goes into a Chinese Dragon and I can go off on my own tangent.  Sometimes you do have to copy things to get the idea then be able to go on your own. 

I was wondering, does anybody like this type of dolphin?  It's different from the others, looks more rotund and awkward and not as streamlined as oceanic dolphins.


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