Amelia Pane Schaffner

Travel & food writer, photographer, Italian

I travel. I cook. I photograph. I entertain. I grow my own produce...And I write all about it. On my food blog: My non-food related photos are at
My work has been featured - among other places - in the Food News Journal, on Edible magazines, in Splendora, and on a local TV channel. I am a contributor to Honest Cooking. I am working on my first book. A few of my recipe creations have won recipe contests. I focus on high quality ingredients, carefully photographed and presented food. I mainly write about Italian stories, travel, food, but not only. The world is my plate. I love making dessert!
I really like basil, lemon zest, espresso, honey, and anything smoked or salt-cured.
I do not like oysters, goat cheese, tripe, and Sauerkraut
To pay for all my fun passions, I work for a global fortune 500 company, helping companies develop strategies, all over the world. I am also a busy parent of 2 primary school boys. And I am married to a lovely inventor with whom I love dancing, especially to 70s music!
Oh, did I mention I am 100% Italian, by birth, lifestyle, spirit and taste?