America From Kimberly's Eyes: Girl in Translation

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As I opened the front of the book, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok, I was unsure how I would like reading it. Just based on the fact that it was about the life of an emigrate from Hong Kong to America. In the past I had not read many books that had to deal with subjects like this.

A few pages into it I was quickly seeing that this will be a good book. I felt like I was right there with Kimberly. How vividly the picture of her life, how she lived and what all she did each day, was drawn for the reader by the author. You could almost smell the labor of sweat in the sweatshop her mother and her worked in.

As I turned each page, I kept wondering what will happen next in her path. The book had me not wanting to put it down by chapter two and I quickly finished it within a day. I know that most people do not read the epilogue in a book, but this one is a must read when you read it. I do not want to give anything away, but for me, that part held the most shocking bit of information on Kimberly. When I had finished the book, I was left wanting more, to know more what happens in the future for Kimberly and her mom.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves to read. It's a page turner for sure! Go out to your local books store and pick it up.

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