America, Stop Picking and Choosing Who You Care About on Thanksgiving

The recent backlash against corporations now opening on Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals is corporate America at its worst and completely justified.  But why are we picking and choosing which hardworking individuals forced to work on Thanksgiving that we defend? Most of the articles we have been inundated with are about Wal-MartTargetBest Buy or other major retailers choosing to start this disgusting habit of herding consumers into stores by the droves earlier on Thanksgiving Day instead of the usual Friday after. But what about the movie theaters and restaurant chains that aren’t opening at 6 P.M. on Thanksgiving likeBest Buy and Wal-Mart but all day to allow Americans to eat Thanksgiving specials or take their kids to go see yet another Disney movie?

Harkins Movie Theaters doesn’t even take a moment’s pause when deciding, every year, to make employees work. AMC Theaters starts showing Frozen at 9 o’clock in the morning on Thanksgiving. I would venture to guess that those employees forced to open that day would rather be at home playing with their kids or watching Tony Romo throw a few touchdowns, too. Sizzler’s is open all day with a special Thanksgiving menu as isMarie Callendar’s, Mimi’s Cafe and many others. These employees also deserve a day to rest and give thanks with their loved ones. Just like the workers at major retailers they, too, live on low wages and work harder than most of us during the holiday season but instead of getting support from us they usually make numerous lists of "Things to Do on Thanksgiving." Click herehere andhere for just a few of the many examples. Yet these people are also forced to sacrifice this precious day to make sure Hollywood studios make their quarterly goals and corporate chain restaurants rake in more money.

 So, why, America, have you chosen to just defend the retail store workers? Is it because the same people defending the retail employees are the same ones who make dinner reservations for their families at Marie Callendar’s or see a double feature after they have a big, home-cooked feast? If we are to change this holiday tradition of capitalism at its worst it’s important to know what we are fighting for without contradicting ourselves. Why are news organizations so furious with Best Buy and Wal-Martbut have greatly ignored other areas of corporate greed? And I’m not talking about one Pizza Hut manager whose story went viral after standing up for what he believed in (good for him!), or a few employees at an overpriced organic grocery chain going on strike. If we want one type of employer to shut their doors on Thanksgiving then we should expect every unnecessary “for profit” business to close. Put your money where your mouth is, America, and stop putting it in the hands of all big conglomerates on Thanksgiving Day, not just the one’s you choose.


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