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IMG_3498 george & me with sam farr 

george and i won a lunch
 with congressman sam farr last year as an auction item through the gateway school and  save our shoresit was a pleasure to meet with him yesterday and honestly, he couldn't be a nicer man. he's hip, concerned and genuine. i didn't know what to expect, on one hand i had high expectations (to talk his ear off about my thoughts & ideas) and really low expectations (how much ground can we really cover in one lunch : water bottles, plastic bags, big corporate lobbyists & donations, recycling standards) and besides that, does he really want to hear all this from us ? but the one thing that both george and i came away with was this idea: grassroots

to get anything done, we have to start it ourselves. no matter where you stand in the political field; left, right or center, if you want to create any change, you have to start it yourself. i mean you can't just talk about change or want others to magically change,  you have to put yourself out there and like nike says: just do it.

it definitely feels like spring has sprung here in california. over the weekend, i saw this clever little gem :

IMG00273-20100214-1612  IMG00274-20100214-1612  

my only hope that they got those bottles from some type of recycling center and didn't just purchase the bottles "off the shelf " so they could empty them out and make them into "art / display "  . .  a girl can dream right? but they are cheerful and i kind of dig the irony of it all.

on another light note, these guys have found their way to my bathroom counter :

IMG_3501 special ops on their way to midway . . .
these army men belong to my son and would have long been put away, but i decided  that seeing them every morning is a great reminder that little plastic things like this end up in the ocean and eventually 
here.some mornings when i am brushing my teeth, i imagine conversations between the plastic army men, they go something like this:

ranger 1: around this huge piece of coral is where our special ops training will be taken to its limits. we're about to go where no soldiers have ever gone before. . .

ranger 2: you mean the caves of tora bora? 

ranger 3: hell no soldier! try the great pacific garbage patch!  at 1800 hours our mission starts at the playground & schoolyard and then we make our way to either the landfill or get  rerouted along the way, then we may find ourselves washing up on unfriendly beaches

ranger 2: i heard delta force had to do a self rescue mission on midway island using spent lighters & old toothbrushes as flotation . . .


of course, i don't really know "plastic soldier - speak" so it's all just speculation . . .

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