American Girl doll sleeping bag & pillow

Idea submitted by Kristi of Zionsville, IN.
(This idea goes along with another post about an American Girl doll tent.)
14×10 inches (Material for pillow)
22×28 inches
   Two pieces of fabric, different colors/patterns
   One piece of quilting material
Thick ribbon for edges
1. Sew batting material to one of the 22×28 fabrics.
2. Sew the other piece to it on the other side.
3. Sew them together. It will be thick since you have 6 pieces of material under the needle.  Start at the bottom, and go 1/2 way up the side. You can either round the edges of the bag, or leave them square.
4. Cut off excess material after you’ve sewn them all together.
5. Cover the edge with a very thick ribbon. You may find it easier to use a zigzag stitch at this point. Start at the open edge of the sleeping back and sew the ribbon around the front side opening, the top, and the back top opening. Then begin at the bottom and sew ribbon around the bottom, and up the side where the edges were sewn together. Give it a finished look by sewing over the edge of the ribbon that is opening of the sleeping bag.
5. Finish it off with a bow!
6. You could also let your child decorate their sleeping bag with buttons, bows, and puffy paint!
1. Cut material 14×10 inches.
2. Fold material in 1/2 so it is 7×5 with right side of materials against each other.  Sew two sides together, leaving an open edge, or part of an open side. Turn inside out. Fill with batting, and sew opening shut.
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