American Idol: Does It Have a Chance Without Simon?


Simon Cowell
I wondered what it would be like without Simon Cowell sitting at the judges' table and I found out this week... boring. After 3 hours of American Idol I still have a blah feeling from the whole experience. Sure the new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were very "nice" but maybe that's the reason it was sooo blah. I kept waiting for the bad guy/gal to show up but it never happened and Simon never walked through the door like I hoped he would. The bad guy/gal is a major draw to a television show, without him/her it loses something critical.

 Although Randy and Steven offered some constructive criticism it just wasn't tough enough, it didn't bite, or sting. As much as I want peace on my own homefront, I want controversy on my television. Peace and harmony are great for a few minutes but American Idol has my brain wired to expect someone to be made to cry or lash out in anger at the snide remarks of Cowell. Wednesday and Thursday night were just too pleasant. 

 Guys and gals alike seemed to idolize Jennifer Lopez. Some were brought to tears while one guy took off his shirt. Seems his friends dared him to take it off for Jennifer. It all came off pretty silly to me especially when Randy and the 63 year old Steven thrilled us by pulling up their shirts too. There was a smidge of entertainment.

All in all American Idol 2011 this week had some entertaining wannabe idols, interesting moments, a contestant I loved (Victoria Huggins), but lacked a bad guy (it definitely will not be the gal), and needed some hot and spicy flavor.

Will I continue watching? Yes, for now. I can't give up after the first try on one of my fav shows. However, I will be alone as I watch cause hubby says he cannot suffter through it again and "don't you think Steven is a little scary?" He just doesn't like change. Change is here and hopefully American Idol is not done cooking yet.

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