American Idol Recap

I’ll be honest, past years I have not watched American Idol until they get to the exciting stuff. We’re talking Top 10 and beyond. I find auditions and “Hollywood Week” really boring and pointless since we don’t get to see most of the people actually make a splash on the show. This year was the exception. I have watched every episode of AI (except maybe one or two where I had stuff going on outside the home) and have been paying close attention so that I could have meaningful water cooler conversations with those around me. So, I’m going to use my newfound knowledge and make some comments and predictions based on this week’s performances. Let’s keep in mind that I will have to miss the results show tomorrow for a Mary Kay party I’m going to and I’m really just bitter that I’ll have to miss Allison Iraheta performing because I freaking love that cute little thang. Anywho, without further ado, let’s get down to business…. Girls Night I do have to admit that I missed half of girls’ night due to a hair appointment, but what I saw from the second half of the show was pretty impressive. There were certainly a few that are in trouble because of those performances, though. Take Lacey Brown for instance….

She sang her own rendition of the Dixie Chicks and just simply didn’t do that well. She picked a terrible song for her rough/rocker voice and suffered the consequences. She’s a goner. Now, if I’m not mistaken, two girls have to go tomorrow…Right? Right. So, who’s that second girl we are saying ‘buh-bye’ to? From what I saw in the recaps, it’s Lilly Scott….

Another rough/rocker voice that should be sticking to lounges and bars. Sorry to be blunt, but she’s just not my favorite singer on the show and I don’t think she belongs in this competition. Ah, my favorites from girls’ night. That’s easy. I loved Katelyn Epperly and Katie Stevens. They are both so darned adorable and they both have total powerhouse voices. I heard the judges say they really didn’t like Katie’s performance and I just didn’t hear the problems they heard AT ALL. I thought she did fantastic, wonderful and even superb. So there, Simon. Eat that. Boys Night Ah, the guys. They disappointed me greatly. I really thought this year belonged to the guys after seeing auditions and Hollywood week. Big Mike and Andrew Garcia were clearly American Idols in my eyes and I was see the confetti on their heads already. Then, they performed last night…and the confetti disappeared. Big Mike just looked awkward with his guitar and plaid shirt….he’s HUGE and muscular and absolutely strapped and has this itty bitty guitar strapped to him and he’s bouncing to a Maroon 5 song? It was just weird to watch. But, he doesn’t fall in the bottom two….

Tim Urban…Oh, Tim Urban. It’s really a shame they picked Tim to replace Chris Golightly (what did he do to get DQd anyway?). Tim Urban sounded like a kid that got sucked into the high school musical (no, not the movie) and was forced to sing a higher part than he’s meant to sing. Why on EARTH did he choose to sing “Apologize”? That song is clearly meant for someone like David Archuleta who did a fairly decent job on it a few years ago….Not this kid. Oh no. He’s done. Buh-bye.

This next one is probably not going to agree with a lot of people. I know Jermaine Sellers has fans out there…but I also know he’s a pompous, cocky, overly confident kid that simply doesn’t have the chops. Honestly, I don’t even remember what he sang last night…just that I wasn’t impressed. So I’m hoping he’s not there next week. The rest of the guys were okay. I didn’t hear greatness last night, but I certainly didn’t hear any very many terrible singers. My favorites you ask? Easy. I haven’t voted for AI in years. Last night, however, I voted about 10 times. My votes were split evenly between Casey James and Andrew Garcia. Andrew didn’t do great last night, but the judges are right…His remix of “Straight Up” has bought him several weeks. I can’t wait to see what he does next week…His performance this week was good, just not great. Casey James actually surprised me last night. I wasn’t a big fan of him in the auditions and I didn’t really care for him in Hollywood Week, but he clearly knows how to market himself and how to choose the right song for that market. I bet at some point this year he sings “Amazed” and gets millions and trillions of votes from screaming teenage girls for it. Okay, so you have my predictions and my favorites. Let me know how it turns out, will ya?


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