American Idol: The Trip, The Access...and Ryan Posing!

Disclosure: American Idol Productions treated me to Hollywood Week and covered my travel expenses.
As many of you fans know, we are on the cusp of a new season of American Idol.  As a fellow fan, I am excited, too. This post still finds me in the shock and awe of being chosen for an experience I'll never forget. I was one of a small group of bloggers and social media mavens, now known as the Idol Tweet Hearts (#idoltweethearts), chosen for an exclusive tour and backstage access to all things Idol.   What we were in for?  We didn't know precisely. But we were guaranteed it was going to be life-changing.  
I've been a fan of American Idol since the second season.  I love the music. I love the auditioning process, leading up to the top 24, and ultimately the top 12.  I love what I will call the "celebrity draw" of the show: we are drawn to the singers wanting to make it big, we look forward to see the judges, we revel in the sheer spectacle of the show.  
The #idoltweethearts at American idol


The Only Hollywood Week Sign At American Idol
My visit proved that excitement over American Idol is still there.  Although some viewers have been dismayed by the show's direction and choice of judges in recent years, my visit proved that American Idol is relevant, still has that "celebrity draw", and still showcases amazing talent.  There was a point in our exclusive backstage tour that proves this perfectly.  As a group, we were at a paused point in the tour and one of us gals shouts out, "There's the judges!". Sure enough, in a nearby hallway, to what to our wondering eyes appear, but 3 judges and a host, for all to peer.  Harry Connick, Jr. quickly pointed us out to the other judges (we had met him earlier that day, stay tuned for a follow-up article).  They were having a jovial conversation.  They all waved and said "hello". In true form, Ryan Seacrest made a point to turn around and strike a pose.  I mean, isn't that true Ryan Seacrest form!?  And we, in true form, reacted as most paparazzi would (and should).  
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American Idol Judges  Ryan Seacreat Backstage at American Idol
What I'm getting at ultimately here is that American Idol still's got it.  I was a little starstruck.  Walking backstage and onstage, I was struck by the enormity of the show and it's production.  Our sneak peek of the talent proved that they are truly seeking the next great American pop star.  The staff was warm and welcoming.  Everyone is truly, genuinely dedicated to the cause of the show.  

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