American Shaving Horror Stories and 'Run Rash' Avoidance in the Southern Climes with Shave Secret (A Rather Personal Review)

And don't get me started on Nair. Nair does nothing for hair down there except worry my nether regions and environmentalist friends about the bio-chemical load. I tried other techniques to get the bumps and irritation to stop, including really expensive Brazilian bikini wax on, wax off method that did get rid of unsightly hair. Just not all of it. This method is not for those of us of German descent who have the kind of hearty hair that’s meant to be shorn and woven into World War II parkas, trousers, mittens, head covers and liners to stave off the coldest winters and comfort one during famine from Allied occupation.


My one experience with Brazilian waxing was more painful than having my uterus taken out of my body during both cesareans.

And of course, laser hair removal is the latest trend my sister keeps informing me about. She let me take home her Tria hair removal laser and told me it would feel a little like soft rubber bands bouncing off your skin. Well, maybe it feels that way on the back of her fair-skinned blonde Swiss Miss pudding girl hand but upon first patch of my olive-toned inner thigh skin, I cussed her name from the confines of my bathroom because she's a damn $!&/*@' liar.


The 2 people in which laser hair removal works for

In addition to zapping my most sensitive areas with a blast of fire similar to that of a not-so-graceful twirling majorette midget trampling across my privates and forcefully dropping her fire baton on my 50 yard line, Tria emitted an accompanying burning smell. So I had to keep checking to make sure that my lady parts had not smoldered into a full-blown field fire.

So back to the shaving... this appears to be the best and only option to prep chafe-prone areas for a good long run. Even though it was never enjoyable. Razor burn is no joke. And neither is a certain spiky, off-putting quality to the razored flesh.

So it was a Godsend last fall when, in my race packet for the Pensacola marathon, I noticed a small sample blister of Shave Secret. The company is promoting its product now to runners because I've since seen it in other race packets and running expos. There are only a proprietary blend of base oils (cold pressed seed and nut oils), essential oils, RX grade menthol and natural fragrance oil in Shave Secret.


So it's basically a transparent shaving oil you rub on your skin instead of using shaving cream. Shave secret allows you to see clearly where you're going. To reduce irritation, you shave in the direction of hair growth. (It's also wise to defuzz at the end of your shower so that the steam has softened your hair and skin.). The pros are that you only use a few drops, you get an amazingly smooth irritation-free shave, and it loves you long time.

The only negative I perceive from this moisturizing goo is the gunk that can collect in your razor if not cleaned thoroughly. At first I tried picking oil-skin-hair cement out of my razor with a race bib safety pin and even though this be stilled my OCD heart, I quickly found out about the alcohol trick. Try this out: rinse your razor with rubbing alcohol after you use it, dry it on a towel, then take two shots of vodka in one cup of ginger ale. You'll love me for this tip, you'll think your clean razor rocks and you can significantly extend the life of your razor while feeling really good on your long run despite decreased reaction time and coordination.

Even cheap double-edge blades from Wal-Mart perform well with Shave Secret and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Only thing is they aren't too nice on the environment so I'm losing even more of my online vegan friends this very second for mentioning this.

Regardless and even if you’re not a chafe-avoiding freakazoid like me, you can benefit from my addiction to this product. I’m always happy to tell you what I dig and (if you want) what is stupid and dumb and should never be purchased by any human ever.


I guarantee you that Shave Secret is the best item to get rid of unwanted hair growing wildly across your tundra.

Shave Secret is one personal grooming product you ought to have in your bathroom drawer right now. Today. This minute. Purchase it at your local retailer and while you’re there, also purchase a lovely thank you note because you’re gonna want to write me one. This magic potion is only about 4 bucks at Walmart for a month's worth of daily shaves. And For some reason, it’s in the men’s section with after shave, but if guys are willing to put it on their faces, I figure I can put it near my hoo haw. The packaging also says that it can replace all the other products you currently use. Just a few drops of the stuff as a pre-shave oil will prepare your privates and moisturizer them for hours afterward. It can also help lubricate electric razors, apparently. So, yeah, secret's out.


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