American women and the Iraq War: A chat with director Lorna Ann Johnson

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March 19 will mark the sixth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq. Whether one supported the invasion or the actions taken by the US and its partners in the wake of the fall of Baghdad, there is no question that the war has profoundly affected all of us.

Or has it? Director Lorna Johnson's new film,Just Another War, meditates upon the impact of the Iraq war on Americans -- especially upon American women.Johnson's film will be shown March 15 at the Montreal Human Rights Film Festival, where it is up for an audience award. If you are in Montreal and can get to see it, please do. It is an affecting and thought-provoking film.

The 28-minute documentary profiles two women whose lives have been irrevocably affected. LeRon Green is a soldier who has seen combat; Elaine Brower is a mother and anti-war activist whose son is in Iraq for his second tour. Johnson puts herself on-screen as well, wondering why she and so many other Americans seem to be able to go on with everyday life while thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis have died. During the course of the film, she gives birth to a son of her own, and wonders whether he will grow up to find himself called to arms.

Please join me and Lorna Johnson Tuesday, March 10 at 9-10 PM EST for a live chat about the film, women and war.

You can see a snippet of the film below. If you have questions or thoughts that you would like to share in advance of the chat, please leave them in the comments.

Image credit: courtesy of Lorna Johnson. 


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