America's Embrace of Fascism

There’s a lot of the world socialism being thrown around these days. However, the US couldn’t be farther away from socialism. That’s because it’s actually fascist.


Mussolini defined fascism best - the merger of corporate and state. Socialism is egalitarian, and propaganda enlists socialism name-calling to strike an emotional negative response and reluctance to investigate the truth - a classic Nazi technique.


Most Americans are unaware that this country is in fact fascist and uses illegal immigration as an issue to deflect from this fact. There was a coup d'etat and Goldman Sachs is now running the show with Geithner and the Fed pulling economic strings. It's a rigged market where a few wealthy win, and corporate consumers are hypnotized into thinking that they win with “democracy and freedom.”


But as America’s middle class deteriorates further and pubic programs are gutted, all that remains is the poor, poorer and poorest -- and the richest. We bail out banksters and debase our currency by firing up the printing presses to fund war, yet women and children, the elderly and disabled in California get essential services cut. 275,000 people working in American education are unemployed next year while wars rage abroad with fresh printed cash. We’d be much better under socialism, I’d say. At least education would be funded enough for citizens to be able to write grammatically correct posts and understand history, which is repeating itself before our very eyes and few see it.


But it’s too painful for Americans to admit that truth – that oppression, death and destruction is what the United States stands for and profits from. It’s easier to deny the government’s corruption and its dark impulses because that means Americans have been complicit in it through their participation and desire. Psychological and unconscious forces are at play here – the vehicle of fascism.


Americans would have to look at their own faults, their alienation, anti-depressant and alcohol use. They’d have to look at their mediocre entertainment, frustrations, empty relationships and vapid jobs that fuel racism, fear, hatred and a deep sense of lack and not enough to go around for “ME” issues. All of which are built on the backs of cheap labor, illegal or not.


So they attack the poor instead. And yet they are complicit with illegal immigration by enjoying cheap prices for lettuce and grapes and much more flown in with oil needed from rigs like the one destroying the environment in the Gulf Coast by British Petroleum BP, one of Obama's largest campaign provider. Fascism!


How can Americans cry socialism when your Congress executes socialism with bailouts for Wall Street, banks and poor-quality car companies and other big businesses “too big to fail?” Ludicrous! It will be interesting next week to see which Congressman in Wall Street’s pocket dares vote against the people and in favor of corporations. For destroying the financial reform bill will stop the banksters' mechanism for financial destruction in America and the world.


The demise of the U.S. is something Bin Ladin just had to kick back and wait for while Americans do the rest themselves, as they lose their civil liberties and Constitutional rights made for the benefit and protection of the people (RIP fourth amendment via Arizona.) Most tragically of all, they lose their civil dignity, the hallmarks of an enlightened, productive, just and good society.


How does the government keep Americans from acting on this realization that it is fascist? By preying on your emotional weaknesses of self-righteousness and hatred to get them to focus instead on and blame illegal immigrants. Get the thorn out of somebody else's eye before your own. Stay unconscious and stuck in the cycle of violence and suffering. Deny that your cheap goods you get to indulge in were made by illegal immigrants’ slavery and misery. Enjoy them – while it lasts.


Because now that the banksters’ credit party of fiat currency is over, the masses, frustrated and hurt by the greatest depression orchestrated by Bush, are rushing to attention-craving demagogues, like Paid Palin and Looney Limbaugh, in search of a savior mythology and an emotional spark for the powder keg. Get the illegal aliens. Get the gays. Get the Jews. Get the intellects and artists and any dissident.  Just don’t face the truth.


Next thing you know Arizona will require armbands. I wonder if the new Arab-American Miss U.S.A. has the guts to go to Arizona without her crown and papers in order. Do you? All of you whom spout hatred toward Obama are un-phased (or probably just plain unaware) by his desire to take away Miranda rights for U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism, which limits your own ability to speak against your government and provoke change.


Racists are blind to their own neurosis and self-loathing, which projected onto the poor create their own doom. Americans need education about the differences between socialism and fascism. For they will realize that the people they despise are they themselves. One day soon they will be in illegal immigrants’ shoes. They will be begging for mercy, compassion and aid when they awaken to the power of the fascist machine running their lives and which is about to come tumbling down hard. I will gladly give it to them.




Namaste and Have a Magical Day


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